Saturday, February 26, 2011


Jim asked about the oilspot bowls and so here is one from today's firing. It was in the bottom of the kiln, and it only went to cone 8, so it's kind of muddy and not as nice as the ones from the last firing, which were hotter. I have plans to open up the bagwall in my kiln so that more heat gets to the bottom, but this firing was all about two very large copper red covered jars, and the kiln was fired to maximize them, so these bowls were an afterthought as it were.

The bowl below was in the previous firing and it's much nicer, at least to me. These two bowls were identical before putting them in the large kiln, in fact the bowl below was the one I deemed to be the worst of the batch. There were 4 bowls in this firing and I will probably fire them again, or at least pick the worst one and fire it.
The large jars are nice, but I want to fire them again because I think I can make them nicer.


nick friedman said...

I'd love to see those reds, too, when you get a chance. The previous oil spot glaze is one of the nicest I've seen (John Britt, eat your heart out).

John Tilton said...

Hey Nick,

Are you coming to Gainesville?

I want to refire the reds -- they are nice but not as nice as they will be after refiring.

I did a workshop at John's studio a couple of years ago and that's how I started.

Joe Troncale said...

Really beautiful bowls. I know how you feel when they don't come out like you want, but I think they are very nice...