Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Time

I've started to dry out these 7 glaze buckets because the glazes have not been used for 12 years and it's time. These are all titanium crystal glazes that I fired in reduction and you can see some examples of them at

It's hard to just let this go. Those were nice glazes but they were just so difficult to use, and the success rate was so small, that it was just not reasonable to continue with it.


nick friedman said...

I've got a pretty good back log of older glazes myself. How are you going to dispose of them? I've heard firing the glazes (bisqued bowls full of powdered glaze) is a good way to make them safe for disposal.

John Tilton said...

Hey Nick,

Here in ol' Alachua County the glazes can just be put in a regular dumpster and they will be OK. That's assuming there are no chemicals like Uranium in the mix. You should check with your waste disposal people.

Jody Windus said...

Two ideas that I have heard are 1) making a "mystery glaze" out of them. Just mix it all together, test fire a sample to what you get and then add cobalt to get a "cash" blue. 2) mixing them into your recycle clay in small percentages.