Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fuzzy Green 2

Here is the Fuzzy Green pot that came out this afternoon. It's a bit different from the first one but quite similar. This one had 4 soaks instead of 2, but the rest was mostly the same. Same batch of glaze, same top temperature, same thickness of application. I found the glaze a little difficult to brush and so I am going to ball mill it some more tomorrow afternoon. I say ball mill, but I have a 30 year old Lortone Rock Tumbler and it is not really a ball mill at all, but it does do a good job for me.

This second photo is a top view of the pot above. You can see the first Fuzzy Green pot in the background. Both of these pots are resisting my efforts to separate them from their pedestals with a torch. This fuzzy glaze is quite hard and it makes a strong bond between the pot and the pedestal.

You can see the cone next to the pot in the bottom photo. I write the name of the firing on the cone -- BB 6-83 -- so that I can reference it in the future. That's the 83rd firing on the 6th set of elements in the kiln called Baby Bear. Mama Bear and Papa Bear are on either side keeping guard.


Unknown said...

Just gorgeous. Good luck with the pedestal separation process...

John Tilton said...

Usually all I have to do is score around the top of the pedestal with a diamond cutter blade, being very careful not to touch the pot, and it comes off. There is still work to do, but it's about as much as normal.