Thursday, May 28, 2009

S Type Thermocouples --- for Alex

If you look very carefully inside the photo of Baby Bear you will see the S Type thermocouple sticking out into the kiln. The S Type thermocouple is much smaller than the K Type thermocouple, but the thermocouple wires, which are Platinum/10% Rhodium and Platinum, are totally enclosed. The wires are protected from the atmosphere of the kiln. 

The thermocouple does not in any way come into contact with the elements. 

I believe they will last indefinitely if you do not break them. They are easy to break because they are small and delicate. I broke one of mine and my friend Terry Fallon fixed it. 

The caustic nature of the crystalline atmosphere does not touch anything but the porcelain sheath. 

I believe Omega is one company that makes them and Cleveland Electric is another. And most kiln manufacturers probably stock them too. 

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