Friday, May 15, 2009

Detail Spray Guns

Well everyone, Ginny Conrow, ( uses a spray gun made by Iwata which lists for about 300.00 or so. I'm not sure of the price but it's expensive. I should have just gone out and bought one and forgotten about spray guns for life, but that would be too easy. Not my style.

So I went to Harbor Freight -- we have a new one in Gainesville -- and got a Central Pneumatic Professional HVLP Detail Spray Gun, Model 46719, for about 56.95. I used it and it was OK but I did not feel like it would keep me from wanting the Iwata. It's OK but not great and it seemed to get clogged by the glaze.

I went back there today because they have a very el cheapo spray gun, the Central Pneumatic Professional Mini Detail Spray Gun, Model 92126, for about 15.00.

It's not HVLP but I wanted to try it and when I got there it was on sale for 9.99. I got it home, hooked it up, and I just love it. It sprays smoothly and it resists clogging and it's easy to clean and it's kind of funky, but it really works well. Simple and direct.

So I will return the expensive one -- it's on sale now too -- and get a couple of the el cheapos and then --- well I still have to decide whether to get the Iwata. I mean it has to be better than some 9.99 knockoff, but how much better?

On another note, the gas kiln is stacked and firing. I had about 20 pots that did not make it which is disappointing.

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