Monday, November 10, 2008

Possible Fronts for Holiday Show Invitation -- Part 2

I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on the Holiday Show invitations. I must say that the one person who did not comment was my wife Anne, and she did not think any of them were good enough. 

So I spent a couple of hours on Saturday and another couple on Sunday photographing some new pots as possible images. The following two were the ones we liked and we decided on the first one last night because we felt that it sort of jumped out of the background. So we were done. 

Except that today, I made an executive decision and decided to go with the second one. There is just something intangible about that pot that I like. It's one of the new satin matte glazes and I wanted to feature one of those on the cover. 

Again, thank you for your help. Will this be any better? I don't know but things are quite peaceful around here. 


Dan Finnegan said...

John, you made me laugh out loud. Someday will you talk about your photography. I'm dreadful at it.

klineola said...

I find that sometimes I favor new work or work that I am most proud of when choosing images for jury or for cards. I will have to have a card printed really soon, thanks for the reminder. Where do you have your cards printed?

I second the motion for a photo how to post! These are beautiful images.

John Tilton said...

Hi Michael,

Modern Postcard is my choice. I even have an account executive who helps me get stuff together.