Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shelves -- For Michael Kline

Since Michael is just finishing up the inside of his studio, I thought I would share a shelving system that has really worked well for my shop. 

In the older days, you could buy at Lowe's a system called Spur Shelving, in fact that is what is shown in the photos. They sold uprights, brackets, and a few doo dads which we would mostly not use. These shelves are really strong -- will hold up hundreds of pounds and they are also very adjustable -- if you need to change the height you can do that instantly. The double holes for each bracket make them really seem sturdy. You can get the uprights in different lengths and the brackets in several different lengths too. 

Today Lowe's sells a similar system and they are compatible with the old Spur shelving. They are similarly heavy duty. 

You can buy something that looks much like this system at Home Depot, but it is not as well made and is not as heavy duty. It's not compatible with the old Spur shelves. It's slightly less expensive. 

Lowe's also sells fiberboard shelves which are covered with melamine and these are what I am using in the shop for the most part. Before installing these shelves I always paint the fiberboard so that it's more water resistant. 

It's a great system. If you ever have to move, you can disassemble them quickly and they don't take up much space. Nothing touches the floor. The whole thing looks very neat. It's not too expensive. They are really easy to install.


Mike Barber said...

I use the same type of shelves, and I agree - they're great.

cookingwithgas said...

I have to agree as well- we have these in the clay studio for bisque ware, our gallery for finished wares and I put the same thing in when I added a kitchen pantry to my life. They hold lots of pots- and other things.
And if you don't like white they have black.
We also went to the local cabinet maker and bought nice boards which he edged in curly maple for us.

klineola said...

Thanks John for the informative post. I have a similar system that I store lumber on but it's not as nice. Maybe I'll take some pics. They have a more industrial look, galvanized.