Thursday, November 20, 2008

Books for Crystalline Potters

Finally the computer allowed me to copy and paste this information into the post. I had to switch to "Edit HTML" view, and then it just posts fine. 

OK. Here are some of the books you want to own if you want to learn how to make crystalline glazed pots. I have them all and I think they are all important, but I would say that the first four are essential. 

Don Holloway's book is also full of information and, if you are serious, you need this one too. (address: Crosscraft Originals, 18 Jana Dr., Monroe 71203; telephone studio (318) 343-9220 or (318) home 343-7658).

The last of these books, Nature as Designer,  is not just about crystalline pottery. It is a book about inspiration and it has many photographs of wonderful seed pods and natural things that will really inspire your sense of form. It's out of print but you can find it and it is really nice. 

Macro Crystalline Glazes by Peter Ilsley
Crystalline Glazes by Diane Creber
The Art of Crystalline Glazing by Jon and Leroy Price
The Complete Guide to High Fire Glazes by John Britt
Contemporary Porcelain by Peter Lane
Contemporary Studio Porcelain 2nd Edition by Peter Lane
The Art and Craft of Crystals by Don Holloway (Self Published)
Contemporary Ceramic Formulas by John Conrad
Ceramic Glazes -- The Complete Compendium by John Conrad
Glazes for Special Effects by Herbert Sanders (Out of Print)
Nature as Designer by Bertel Bager (Out of Print)

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