Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Copy and Paste

Whenever I try to copy and paste from an application on my computer such as Word or Pages directly into my blog, Blogger draws two lines below the text box that I am typing into now, and puts the text between those lines. There seems to be no way to get the text into the blog post without just typing it in. 

Can anyone help?


klineola said...

Could it be that the quotes are highlighted on your compose box? There is an icon that looks like a quotation mark in the tools row. Maybe check that. Other than that I'm still not sure. You're using a Mac with Safari? I use Mac/Firefox and have no trouble. Good Luck.

Crafter of Khnum said...

Text editing in a graphical world is pretty tricky, unless you are willing to use the HTML view and edit out the extra crap that gets dragged along when pasting. It probably looks as if you are just grabbing some text, but you are maybe getting something more as well. When I do a cut and paste, or add a photo into Blogger I always flip to HTML mode to remove the unintended stuff, then flip back to WYSIWYG mode (what you see is what you get) to continue typing.

anonymous julie said...

This is an easier solution, I think:

Do your composing wherever you are most comfortable.

Cut and paste it into notepad. If you can't find notepad (windows sometimes hides the shortcut), go to "start," click "run," then type in notepad.exe and hit OK. Then you'll have your whole post in the plainest text possible. You can also compose in notepad, but some people don't like that.

Next, cut the text out of notepad. Paste it into your composing window. You should be in good shape.


anonymous julie said...

Here's another thing. When you're in Blogger, there are two ways to compose. One is a tab marked "edit HTML" which may let you cut and paste directly from Word. The other is marked "compose" which is more likely to get hairy.

But the method above works great; I use it all the time.