Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katy Rush to SOFA

This afternoon Katy brought another of her sculptures to be fired. She doesn't have a kiln down here yet and I'm firing a kiln load for her. They are going to be shown at SOFA in Chicago -- Katy leaves next week to drive up. 

This last one is going to have to dry for a few days -- it's much better to move them at this stage of drying than when they are absolutely dry. 

They are hand built porcelain with no glaze. 

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Dan Finnegan said...

John, Thanks for letting me know you've started your blog. The first pot you showed is on a poster hanging up here at LibertyTown.
I was reading about your glaze mixing, sounds like you have a bit of the mad scientist in you!
I am going to be in Chicago to visit the SOFA show; perhaps I'll meet your friend Katy